On Saturday 23 May, While You Were SleepingLife Matters Outpatient Addictions Care and Cape Town Recovery we will be screening the ground-breaking documentary feature film  Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery, followed by its brand-new sequel, Russell Brand: End The Drugs War.

Proceeds from both screenings will go towards the Wion’s Kidney Transplant (WKT) Fundraiser!


As an addict in Recovery Russell Brand has become a passionate advocate for abstinence-based Recovery and improved access to treatment, with addiction being seen as a health issue rather than a criminal one. These two films look at the stigmas surrounding the problem and offer solutions along with a large helping of irreverent humour and sharp insights.

Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery will screen at 4pm and will be followed by a WKT benefit auction.

Russell Brand: End The Drugs War will screen at 6.15pm and will be followed by a WKT Raffle Draw.

About the Wion’s Kidney Transplant (WKT) Fundraiser:

As a counsellor Wion has played a significant part in helping many of his clients get back onto their feet and have that second shot at living a healthy life.

For the last 7 years despite silently battling chronic kidney disease, Wion has continued to play an active role in Cape Town’s diverse Recovery Community.

Having been fortunate enough to be able to start dialysis in August 2014 and having identified a donor from Australia he is preparing for the transplant this year.

This fundraiser is to assist him with the ever-increasing financial implications of such a transplant, flights and postoperative medication.

Your contribution to this initiative will be greatly appreciated.


For more information on how you can contribute to WKT, contact:

Melissa Jane Rai: 083 638 6229


For more information about Life Matters, contact:

Bev Lodge: 082 498 6887


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