Call for Entries

Closing date: 31 December 2015

In March 2015, the Eco Kids Film Initiative screened many short films that were entered, and sourced locally and abroad over the course of seven days for children in Cape Town ranging from 3 – 17 years in age. During this week days we played host to many parents and children, schools and eco clubs.

In 2016, EKFI is once more affiliating with the South African Eco Film Festival and we are looking for submissions by media professionals, amateurs and children (see our competition page) alike.

Films submitted should be between 2 minutes and 15 minutes in length. We accept documentaries and narratives that are either live-action or animated. The films should be made with children in mind; not necessarily be about children.

There should be a strong environmental theme, which could be about a particular environmental issue, for example pollution, recycling, organic farming, health and wellbeing, conservation, wildlife, about the beauty of nature, or about a community, organisation or individual that is making a difference.

The guiding philosophy for the selection process is ‘earth action’ and ‘earth inspiration’. In other words, films should be by-or-about people and actions that can inspire kids to take action in their own communities and schools.

Screenings will be followed by a dynamic group session lead by a trained facilitator to enhance and reinforce the learning process. The selected films will be a creative mix of documentary and narrative type films, both live-action and animated.

Although we endeavour and prefer to promote the local film and media sectors we do source films from the international arena.

Rules & Terms

  • The film festival is aimed at kids aged between 4 and 14 years of age.
    • Films submitted should be between 2 minutes and 15 minutes in length.
    • Films that have not been previously screened in South Africa will be given preference.
    • Films submitted to EKFI should be made for, rather than be about, children.
    • Content should speak positively to children of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
    • Films should preferably be either originally in English or dubbed into the English language. Foreign language films will need to have subtitles and provide an English script with time codes.
    • Films can be either animation or live-action; documentary, or narrative. However, the content has to be aimed at children in the target age group with a strong environmental theme, and be entertaining and inspirational in character.

Criteria for non-acceptance:
• Excessive or gratuitous violence, nudity, or profanity.
• Content that advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.
• Films may also be disqualified for technical or procedural reason.
• Films made prior to 1 January 2013 will not be considered for selection.

The person/company (the Entrant) submitting this production to the Eco Kids Film Initiative agrees that:
• The EKFI has the right to use video excerpts and photo stills from the film for publicity and promotional purposes, including on its webpage. By submitting an entry, permission is granted for its use in promotional materials.
• The entrant is legally authorized by the producer and distributor, or other rights’ owner to enter this film in the EKFI Festival. Once entered, submissions may not be withdrawn from participation in the Festival.
• Entrants must guarantee, should their entry be selected, that permission from the rights holder is secured for a maximum of three screenings at the 3rd annual Eco Kids Film Initiative 2016 at each different venue, and a further five additional screenings at schools or other outreach projects.


Green heroes (7 – 14 years old)

Films about people and projects that are making a difference for the planet and are an inspiration to kids to do the same.

Wild world (7 – 14 years old)

Educational films about wildlife and/or kids getting wild while taking care of the planet’s wild life and having fun doing it.

Be the change (7 – 14 years old)

Films about kids that, whether on their own or as a group of friends, are creating change to protect and preserve the environment and raising awareness in the process. Films can also be educational or informative about actions that kids can take at home or school to make a difference.

Small seeds hold great potential (4 – 7 years old)

Films especially for the very little ones to delight and ignite their curiosity in things living and green.

Natural Connections (7 – 14 years old)

Children and nature go together like peas and carrots. Give them a dose of Vitamin N(ature) by showcasing the planet’s natural history and rich biodiversity.

Food for thought (7 – 14 years old)

Films to create and raise awareness around just and sustainable food.

Films by Kids (7 – 14 years old)

Kids from around the world are making films and telling stories about their environment and the environental challenges that are facing us all.

Submit your film

For more information, email for the entry form, or submit your film via FilmFreeway: Eco Kids Film Initiative proudly accepts entries via, the world’s best online submissions platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, Vimeo and YouTube integration, and more.


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